Christmas With Covid

Wes Christmas Fireplace

Christmas With Covid

A poem by Wes Pinter

Christmas with Covid
This wasn’t on my list
Bad boys usually get lumps of coal
Man, Santa must really be pissed!

Christmas with Covid
My chest is feeling raw
I tried so hard to be good this year
I’m not sure what Santa saw

Christmas with Covid
Didn’t he see me volunteer
Packing food up for the hungry
And spreading holiday cheer

Christmas with Covid
I’ve had it for a week
My fever’s passed, but the aches still last
And my nose has sprung a leak

Christmas with Covid
I feel like reindeer crap
Can’t be with my family & friends this year
No presents to unwrap

Christmas with Covid
I guess it could be worse
At least I’m not on a battlefield
Or traveling in a hearse

Christmas with Covid
Can’t wait til I feel better
So I can be with the ones I love
And laugh at the ugly sweaters

Poem © 2022 Wes Pinter
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