Her Movie

Her Movie - Theater Sign

Her Movie

A poem by Wes Pinter

She asked me how it feels
To be a character in her movie
Where life revolves around her
And everything is groovy

I must confess it has its perks
I don’t need much attention
For when we have our scenes together
The chemistry is perfection

I’d happily be part of the scenery
Just for her to cast a glance
Like a nature documentary
With wild carnivores and plants

She’s my lovely leading lady
In this romantic comedy
The heroine of our story
Full of love and fantasy

Our life is so exciting
Packed with plot twists and adventure
We take on scenes, some harrowing
Where others would fear to venture

While we seek our happy ending
Building towards a grand finale
I will bask in her celebrity
And she will not act without me

Poem © 2023 Wes Pinter
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    • Thanks Missy! I’m glad you like it! 😎 My goal is to have enough material together for a first draft by the end of the summer. I already have a few others completed except for the artwork and will be posting them soon, plus several more, which are close to being done. I really appreciate all your support and enthusiasm, which helps keep me motivated. Thank you for that!


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