Waiting For Summer

Sunrise in Ocean City by Wes Pinter

Waiting For Summer

Poem and photo by Wes Pinter

I’ve been waiting all night
To see the bright morning light
As today is the first day of Summer

If the sun hides away
I’ll have to wait another day
And if it rains, that would sure be a bummer

But you won’t let me down
Here come those rays shining down
Full of magenta and turning to yellow

What a sight for my eyes
Such a pleasant surprise
Feel the warmth, as I start to get mellow

While I walk along the sand
The scene is more than I can stand
Overwhelming my vision, so bright

Colors bouncing off the sea
As the waves come into me
What a way to end the final Spring night!

© 2019 Wes Pinter

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  1. This is great. Surmises exactly how I feel about summer as well. Love the beach it is not only my happy place but it is my stress free and calming place. The one place I really can relax. Love lying on the beach listening to waves, seagull sounds and the ocean breeze blowing over me. A feeling like no other. Great job Wes.

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