Flight Of The Eagle

Bruce the Bald Eagle - Steve Biro
Bruce the Bald Eagle photo © Steve Biro

Flight Of The Eagle

Poem by Wes Pinter, photo by Steve Biro

Majestic wings
Balding crown
Flying high
Now swooping down

Over water
Reflections cast
Feel the wind
As he flies fast

Flapping harder
Toward spotted prey
The fish is caught
Can’t get away

Soaring high
Above the trees
With an eagle eye
On all he sees

His lady’s waiting
Back in their nest
Tending eaglets
With little rest

She waits for him
And the meal he brings
“Feed us Daddy”
The babies sing

Chirping louder
As he draws near
The sounds of home
Echo in his ear

The eagle lands
He’s home again
They share the meal
Their hunger ends

His precious offspring
And happy mate
Are grateful for
The food they ate

They snuggle close
And share the love
In their happy nest
Way up above

Protect the family
Symbolize a nation
He loves his freedom
And obligations

© 2019 Wes Pinter

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Here’s a little playlist I put together to accompany the poem. 🎧 Enjoy! 😎:

  1. “Fly Like An Eagle” – Steve Miller Band
  2. “Learning to Fly” – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  3. “Spirit In The Sky” – Norman Greenbaum
  4. “I’m Free” – Soup Dragons
  5. “Fly” – Sugar Ray
  6. “Mr. Blue Sky” – ELO
  7. “Get Off Of My Cloud” – The Rolling Stones
  8. “Girl U Want (alternate version)” – Devo
  9. “Getting Closer” – Paul McCartney & Wings
  10. “True Fine Love” – Steve Miller Band

Here’s the story behind the amazing photo of Bruce the bald eagle, taken by Canadian photographer Steve Biro at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy: BBC One



    • Thank you Theresa! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Yes, it would be nice if everyone was more caring and loving. I’m trying to do my part. ✌❤😎


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