My Ferris Wheel

My Ferris Wheel

My Ferris Wheel

by Wes Pinter

In this carnival of life
You are my Ferris Wheel
You lift me up, when I am down
Wow! The way you make me feel!

You’re so colorful and enticing
Most definitely worth the wait!
I feel jealous eyes upon me now
As they watch us from the gate

I approach you with excitement
Anticipating the wild ride ahead
I still can’t believe that you agreed
To join me in my bed!

You look so fun, I can’t stop smiling
While I happily climb aboard
Feel your silky skin, as I slide in
These sensations leave me floored

We start off slow, but faster now
Locked in a primal, rhythmic pace
I am mesmerized when I hear your sighs
And see that look upon your face!

My heart is beating rapidly
And my palms begin to sweat
The more I feel your body move,
The dizzier I get!

Rocking gently, back and forth
Holding onto you so tight!
Rising high, then dipping low
You take me through the night

Up and down, you spin me ’round
Oh, what a thrilling ride!
Then you light up like a rainbow
When you feel me come inside!

Though this ride may have ended
I know that we’re not through
Your love’s so stimulating
Now I’m ready for round two!

© 2018 Wes Pinter

As I left my hotel one night on vacation in Ocean City, I spotted this well-lit Ferris Wheel at an amusement park across the street. The pulsating, colored lights really caught my attention as it rotated and I just had to take a quick shot with my cell phone. I’m sure I could have gotten a much better photo using my camera and tripod, but at least it does give you some idea of the colorful display I witnessed. This got me thinking about carnivals and how the excitement of a great relationship is a lot like the thrilling experience of a carnival ride. I would love to hear your thoughts on this poem!

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  1. Hey gang! I just realized that I forgot to enable comments for this post. I was wondering why there hasn’t been any yet! LOL! Anyway, I would really love to hear your thoughts on “My Ferris Wheel”, so please drop me a note below and don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for checking it out! 😎


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