© 2018 Wes Pinter

Arachnophobia – My Scary Bedtime Adventure

By Wes Pinter

Last night around midnight, as I was getting ready for bed, I saw what I thought was a very large “spricket” (spider-like cricket) on the floor in my living room.

Rather than kill it, I went to the kitchen to grab a plastic cup, so I could scoop him up and let him go outside. When I came back 30 seconds later, it was GONE!!!

So, I put on my glasses, grabbed my flashlight and searched the perimiter. I found him hiding in the hall closet and realized it wasn’t a spricket, but a GIANT spider, about 2-1/2″ long!

I grabbed the portable vacuum and pointed the hose at him. When he quickly disappeared, I thought he was sucked up into the hose, so I smiled and closed the closet door, satisfied that I was victorious.

Then came the screaming! Not from the spider, but from my wife, who was so terrified she couldn’t speak, but could only scream and point frantically in my direction.

I thought she was trying to tell me the spider was on me now, so I dropped the vacuum and did a little dance, while swatting all over to knock it off.

After a spider bite turned my life upside down 11 years ago, the last thing I need is to get bit again!!!

Anyway, I soon realized it wasn’t on me, but it had scurried out of the closet when I tried to get it before, and was now hiding in a corner.

Like a true warrior, I regained my composure, grabbed my weapon and quickly dispatched the intruder!

It took awhile for the adrenaline rush to subside, so I could finally fall asleep, but while reflecting on my battle, I pondered the new dance moves I just learned and chuckled to myself.

If anyone knows what kind of spider this is, please let me know. I’d like to name the new dance after it. LOL!

© 2018 Wes Pinter

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