Grill, You Know It’s True!

Close-up of a grill handle at Deep Creek State Park
Coiled Grill Handle © 2018 Wes Pinter

Grill, You Know It’s True!

by Wes Pinter

Well, I guess our Summer’s over now.
I wish it weren’t so!
We had so much fun out in the sun!
Do you really have to go?

Grill, you know I love you,
And all that charm you’ve got!
The way you turn a spark to flame,
I think you’re really hot!

Grill interior with intersting shadows

My time with you was magical!
I can’t imagine any other.
But this season’s end has come again,
So, I’ll keep you under cover.

Grill, you’re very special!
You really can’t be beat!
That’s quite a rack! Oh yeah, you’re stacked!
And I love how you handle my meat!

My memories of the times we shared
Will have to see me through.
Until next year, when you reappear,
Then we’ll make some new ones, too!

Public grill at Deep Creek State Park with interesting shadows

Poem and photos © 2018 Wes Pinter

I do enjoy all four seasons, but Summer was over way too quickly this year! We had so much rain, that I barely got a chance to enjoy the outdoors. I don’t think I even got around to firing up my grill, but I remembered that I took these photos on a camping trip to Deep Creek Lake and I thought I’d write a little something to go along with them. I would love to hear your feedback on the poem and the photos.

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