Burning For You

Campfire taken at Deep Creek Lake, MD.
Campfire with glowing embers and sparks leaving trails. Deep Creek Lake, MD. © 2018 Wes Pinter

Burning For You

Poem and photo by Wes Pinter

Like a moth to a flame,
I am drawn to you.

The air crackles with excitement,
As I slowly approach.

With just one glance,
I can feel my temperature rising.

Those sparks in your eyes pique my interest.
I must have a closer look!

My palms are sweating,
And my heart is racing to you.

Feeling the warm glow of your love as it envelopes me,
Pulling me even closer.

This heat between us is so intense,
I’m afraid it might consume me.

This love is on fire!
But I don’t care,
I burn for you!




  1. I really like this one! You can really connect with the words especially when you have a special someone in mind as you’re reading it 🙂 and also the picture resembles the feeling behind the words. Great writing!

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  2. I really like this one! You can really relate to the words especially when you’re thinking of a special someone in your life 🙂 and the picture is a good choice because it resembles the feeling behind the words. Great writing!

    (P.S not sure if my first comment went through because the page refreshed itself so I wrote this one after)

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  3. Love the poem and pic!!! Soar high with ur talent Wes!! I have a challenge for u…..please write a poem in remembrance/honor of ur brother. The tears roll down my face just thinking about him and what u could do to honor him. We all have our demons but we have way more Angel’s…fly high Bri

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    • Thanks Kim! I have been thinking of writing something for him, but it’s a little too painful right now, especially with everything else I’m dealing with at this time, like helping with my mom’s recovery after her brain injury.


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