A Girl and Her Dragon

By Wes Pinter

As she perched on the log
By the water that glistened,
And read from her diary,
Her pet Dragon listened.

O’er the sound of the falls,
As the trickles came rushing,
Her words were like music,
Delightful and gushing.

She whispered and giggled
And fawned about princes,
And quests so heroic,
And her magical wishes.

She shared all her secrets.
Said, “Please keep them! You must!
You’re my honest and true friend.
The only one I trust.”

Intently he gazed,
With his interest sincere.
He bade her, “Don’t worry!”
And “Never you fear!”

“Your dreams are like gold
Filled with promise and pleasure.
I’m honored to keep them
‘Cause your friendship I treasure!”

He flapped and he snorted
And pointed his tail.
She laughed as she hugged him,
Then said, “You’re MY holy grail!”

Companions for life,
Best friends through the ages.
A girl and her Dragon,
Their adventures on pages.



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