Lesson Learned

By Wes Pinter

Victoria was a privileged girl,
Who lived a life of ease.
She never liked to follow rules,
And did just what she pleased.

She loved to fill her pockets,
Taking anything at hand.
Just like the pretty balloons she spied
At the corner of a stand.

They were pink and blue and red and green,
Tied at the bottom with a string.
She could easily afford them,
But stealing was her thing.

She snatched the lot from the corner post,
As she casually walked past.
Than ran away from the vendor man,
As he chased her, she turned and laughed.

He did his best to catch her,
But lost his footing and then he fell.
She felt guilty for a second,
Then shrugged it off and said “Oh well!”

He yelled to her, “You silly girl!”
“You don’t know what you’ve done!”
She didn’t fret, she didn’t care.
She was only having fun.

As she ran and ran and made her way
Up the boardwalk, toward the edge of town
She began to notice that her feet
Were no longer touching ground.

When you’re spoiled rotten to the core,
You don’t consider consequences.
She loved the lift from taking things,
But now she rose above the fences.

She was facing into the sunset.
Oh, it was such a pretty sight.
But the majesty gave way to fear,
For she knew it would soon be night.

Higher and higher, she climbed so fast.
At first it was exciting.
But when she ascended above the Ferris Wheel,
She cried and screamed “I’m frightened!”

The pilot of the banner plane
Could not believe his eyes.
He waved and tried to signal her,
As he watched her quickly rise.

Her ponytail was wagging
Like the windsock on the tower.
Heading East, above the sea,
Travelling several miles per hour.

A flock of gulls flew overhead,
While she drifted through the air.
She was startled by their squawking,
And the droppings in her hair.

It occurred to her that this fast ascent
Was anything but fine.
She decided to release the balloons,
But slowly, one at a time.

She let go of the first one,
A pretty shade of pink.
It disappeared into the sky,
Now she slowly began to sink.

The next one was a red one.
Then she felt the blue one pop.
Her stomach jumped into her chest.
It was a very rapid drop!

A gust of wind blew her back in
Toward the edges of the shore.
After gathering up her nerve again,
She let go of number four.

Continuing in this manner,
Releasing five through nine.
Much closer to the ground now,
But still above the trees of pine.

She was headed to the pig farm,
And could not believe her luck.
She thought she saw a duck pond,
But alas, it was full of muck!

Her hands were slick and she lost her grip
So into the muck she fell.
When Karma is your teacher,
You will learn your lesson well!

It was in her hair and in her eyes,
And some got in her mouth.
What started as a day of fun,
Undoubtedly went south!

With tears of regret, she contemplated
The cause of her crappy day.
She learned a valuable lesson.
Never steal, ’cause crime don’t pay!



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