Dance the Naked Tango

Delicate charm of the Goddess by Claudia Dea (claudiadea131)Dance the Naked Tango

A poem by Wes Pinter

Press your heavenly skin to mine
Lying naked, as we roll
Now gaze into my love-struck eyes
And see inside my soul

Sensations flowing when we kiss
Sending tingles to my toes
Your soft lips so inviting
As I graze your nuzzled nose

My heartbeat pounding like a drum
Whenever you are near
Your hot breath so excites me
Sexy whispers in my ear

I peck your cheeks, suckle your neck
Caress your shoulders, too
Your fingertips explore my back
Then you pull me into you

We no longer are two beings
Having melted into one
The rhythm plays, our bodies sway
Love’s music has begun

Dance with me, my lover
Your back arching as we dip
We’ll do the Naked Tango
I love to see you bite your lip

The magic of our melody
Harmonious delight
The performance of a lifetime
When I dance with you tonight

Poem © 2020 Wes Pinter
Photo “Delicate Charm of the Goddess” © Claudia Dea (used under CC 2 BY 2.0)

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