Scary Things

Scary Things

A poem by Wes Pinter with art by LushMontanas

Halloween’s upon us
And fear is in the air
Bats are flying overhead
As they’re rushing from their lair

Witches cruise on broomsticks
With silhouetted, pointy hats
Laughing at the fools who dare
Cross paths with those black cats

The cemetery comes to life
Hear the moans of the undead
As zombies walk and goblins stalk
Avoid the horseman with no head

Ghosts are sending shivers
Up and down my rattled spine
But in a blink, I lose my fear
Because your hand’s in mine

Though vampires bite and werewolves fright
As they howl at the moon above
The demons cannot hurt me
While I’m surrounded by your love

Mystic forces, strong attraction
I’ve fallen deeply under your spell
The magic’s undeniable
And very powerful, as well

You gave my life a purpose
For without you I am lost
I’d sell my soul to be be with you
Your love is worth the cost

Nothing can keep me from you
Just call my name and give a yell
And the Devil will be trembling
As I crash the gates of hell

Haunting thoughts of loneliness
Fill my head when you’re not near
So hurry back to me, my love
In your arms I have no fear

Please don’t ever go away
For longer than a minute
There’s nothing I find scarier
Than a life without you in it

© 2019 Wes Pinter

“Scary Heart” picture © 2012-2019 LushMontanas

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