All I Want For Christmas

Santa holding candle by Wes Pinter

All I Want For Christmas

by Wes Pinter

All I want for Christmas is your love
To be beside you watching snow fall from above
The colored lights are twinkling
Hear those carolers happily singing
But it’s the song between our hearts I’m thinking of

When you’re near me, my heart sings a joyful tune
Knowing you love me puts me right over the moon
I’ve just one thing for Santa’s list
And that’s to feel your precious kiss
Lay it on me Babe! I can’t wait! Make it soon!

You look so pretty modelling your ugly sweater
It’s what I like the most about this winter weather
The crackling fire is nice and toasty
But holding you warms me the most
Squeeze me tighter, let this heat go on forever

And so my gift for you will last more than a lifetime
It’s never-ending love, like many others never find
I’ll love you more and more each year
And say those words you long to hear
Merry Christmas Baby, I’m so happy that you’re mine!

Poem and photo © 2018 Wes Pinter

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