An Adirondack Chair

An Adirondack Chair

An Adirondack Chair

by Wes Pinter

Lazing in the back yard
Among the Maple trees
A cool breeze lightly passes by
And gently swirls the leaves

I can smell the Autumn in the air
It’s so crisp and earthy-fresh
As the beaming sun rays warm my skin
Only moments ago gooseflesh

Warm breath exhales, so wispily
But quickly vanishing from view
Hear the geese as they fly overhead
Squawking out their traveling tune

I’m watching squirrels gather up their food
Spending my day without a care
But I’m wishing you were here beside me
In an Adirondack chair

Holding hands, we’ll sip warm cider
I’ll smile at you, and you at me
And I’ll tell you how much I love you!
You’ll say, “That’s the way it’s meant to be!”

For now, it’s only make believe
But I hope my dreams come true
I can’t imagine sharing all my days
With anyone but you!

You’re the one my heart is aching for
And if only life were fair,
You’d be sitting here beside me
In an Adirondack chair!

Poem and photo © 2018 Wes Pinter

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    • Thanks Maria!!! ♥️ I’m so glad you like the poem and the playlist! 😎 I spent a lot of time trying to come up with the right songs, so this makes it all worthwhile! I’m even happier that they resonate with you!!! 🤗♥️🤗


  1. This is fantastic! It works so well! I think we share the same writing style!
    Also, I was shocked to see Gone, Gone, Gone (my Girl) on your playlist. I thought I was the only one in the world that remembers Chilliwack!!
    I can also still remember the first time I ever heard that song. They were alive on American Bandstand!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I figured you meant “Grill, You Know It’s True!” I’m glad you enjoyed that one, too! 😎 Thanks for checking out my work and taking the time to comment! I really
      appreciate the feedback! When you get a chance, please check out “A Little Head Keeps Me Up All Night” and let me know what you think. It’s an erotic ghost story with a little humor. I wrote it for Halloween to go along with the eerie “head” picture I took on a camping trip. 😁


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