Lonely Road Ahead

Lonely Road Ahead
Lonely Road Ahead. Sunset photo and poem © 2018 Wes Pinter

Lonely Road Ahead

By Wes Pinter

Sometimes, the road ahead looks lonely.
Especially, when day turns into night.
Imagine how my life would be if only,
We could’ve made it work and set things right.

I wonder how you’re doing, now that we’ve parted.
Do you ever think about the times we had?
Remember when our love affair first started,
Before we grew apart and all the good went bad?

I think about you, Baby,
Every single day!
Would’ve tried to call you,
If I just knew the words to say.

My heart is aching.
Can’t believe that you’re not here.
The clouds are breaking,
But it’s hard to see it through these tears.

Wish I had you, Baby,
Back together, by my side.
Don’t you think that maybe
We could give it one more try?

When you left, and went away
It cut so deeply, like a knife.
I’ve carried on for so many days,
But I really need you in my life!

Give our love another chance,
And I will give my best to you.
Fill your life with romance
And forever I’ll be true.

Think about it, Honey.
Can we have another go?
Your love’s worth so much more than money
It’s what I live for, don’t you know?

Only you can save me
From this lonely road ahead.
Let’s get back together, so we can be
Much happier instead.

© 2018 Wes Pinter

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    • I’m so glad you like it! Thanks for the kind words Melissa! ❤ I had a melody in my head as I wrote it, so it hopefully won’t require too much tweaking to turn it into a decently song. If it happens, I’ll definitely let you know! 😎


  1. Wow…what a beautiful poem. I got choked up. All women can relate to this at one time or another and wish the person they are thinking about were as considerate as you. Love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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