My Big Deck

My Big Deck
I’ve never sent unsolicited “deck pics” before, but since even strangers ride by sometimes and tell me what a nice deck I have, I thought why not put it out there! LOL! On a serious note, I love the way the light and shadows of the deck rails play against the converging lines of the deck boards. Photo © 2018 Wes Pinter

My Big Deck

A funny poem and photo by Wes Pinter

My big deck is long and hard
It holds a lot of weight
I’m sure you’d like to sit on it
Go ahead, it really feels great!

You could choose to stand, or lay on it
No position is ever wrong
Jump up and down or spin around
It’s stiff and very strong

Come slowly or come quickly
It really is a blast
With wood like this you’ll realize
This deck is built to last

You can tell it’s pretty solid
Feel the thickness of this post
You’d be hard pressed to find one better
I’m sure you’ll like my deck the most!

Though it can get kinda dirty
If you get down on your knees
It’s lots of fun to spread out
And do just as you please

My big deck is very large
It’s huge and rather wide
Quite surprising when you take it all in
As you glide from side to side

Would you like to help me wash it?
It’s more fun with two, you bet!
But hold the rail with both hands
Because it’s slippery when it’s wet

I can’t wait for you to come again
It gives me chills all down my neck
And I’m so glad you got to experience
My truly awesome deck!

© 2018 Wes Pinter

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