We Are The Sun & The Moon

We Are The Sun & The Moon

We Are The Sun & The Moon

By Wes Pinter

“You light up my life!”
Said the Moon to the Sun.
Without you there’s only darkness.
No Joy, No Heat, No Fun!”

“And you shine that light right back to me!”
Said the Sun to the Moon.
“When I see the love upon your face,
It makes me radiate and swoon!”

Like these two, we are together
In a celestial love affair.
Complimenting one another,
So much better as a pair!

My world has gotten brighter,
Since you came into my view.
The darkness doesn’t bother me,
And it’s all because of you!

The velocity of our emotions,
So much excitement when you are near!
Happily caught up by the gravity of love
Pulling me closer to you, my dear.

One of us without the other
Would be such a lonely sight!
No love or joy to fill our days,
Just emptiness and lonely nights.

As we travel through the Universe,
Locked in this cosmic dance
I have to thank my lucky stars
That your heart gave me a chance.

© 2018 Wes Pinter

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    • Thanks Missy! I woke up with the idea for this at 4am last night and couldn’t go back to sleep until I finished it. So glad you liked it!


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