No Umbrella

No Umbrella
© 2020 Wes Pinter

No Umbrella

A poem and photo by Wes Pinter

I can feel the winds are changing
Sense the forces rearranging
The whole landscape of our world
Was built in vane

Looks like we’re in for stormy weather
You said nothing lasts forever
But you assured me
That I am not the one to blame

All this angst, which I am feeling
While you stare up at the ceiling
Searching for an answer
To lessen all my pain

I mull it over in my head
Replaying all the words you said
And now I realize my life
Will never be the same

As my emotions hit the floor
I am besieged under the downpour
Like a man with no umbrella
In the rain

Here I stand alone and dripping
And I feel my heart is ripping
While I’m longing for
Your unextinguished flame

But I know I’ll make it through
And I wish the same for you
Maybe one day
I will see the sun again

Poem and photo © 2020 Wes Pinter

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    • Thanks Melissa! I’m so glad you like it! I’m still working on my first novel right now, but as soon as I have enough material, I will put out a collection of my poems and photos. 😎


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